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Children’s Museum

Recently we enjoyed a family outing to visit the Children’s Museum.  Of course, Miranda had a blast!

First we started in the Ball Room where she was able to drop balls from various tracks.

After that, we headed over to the Tinker Room.  Miranda made a “car” with the hopes of it rolling down the ramp.

There it goes!

More tinkering…

Which one is the real “Miranda”?

Then John and Miranda were able to make some music.  Check out the video below, it’s amazing!

Music Time

Now it’s time for some shopping… 

Finally, we headed over to the Gift Shop where Miranda found some of her favorite Storybook Characters.

The Pigeon (Don’t let it drive the bus!)

Skippyjon Jones

Gerald, Piggie, and Splat the Cat

We all had a great time!

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