Moving on Up

It’s hard to imagine that this sweet little baby, is already 6 years old.  Miranda has completed Kindergarten, and the growth I have seen is remarkable.  This shy toddler has begun to develop academically and socially.  Over the past year, Miranda learned so many of the basic skills she will need to be successful as an adult.  She is reading, adding and subtracting, and I have even seen the beginnings of multiplication through repeated addition (which makes her Math Teacher Mommy very happy!)  Miranda is starting to learn to tell time and count money.  She knows all her shapes, including most of what my 4th Graders know.  I have seen her memorize bible verses, songs, and complicated spelling words.  Miranda also developed an interest in history.  We have discussed many past events from the “olden days” including the Titanic, one of her favorite topics.

Miranda’s shy demeanor is starting to fade and a confident (sometimes bossy) personality is emerging.  This year, Miranda participated in Dance and Cheerleading, and loved every moment of it!  She is developing a close-knit group of friends, which has often gotten her into trouble with her teacher.  Not that her friends are bad influences, on the contrary, I have found that her talkative nature is starting to show itself at school.

I am so proud of Miranda and all that she has accomplished.  The past six years have flown by and I can only try to hold on and enjoy the ride.


Below are videos of Miranda’s graduation.  Enjoy!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Moving on Up

  1. Much to be proud of, good job with her John and Lisa! I can hardly believe how big she is and how far she has come. Some of the best gifts God gives us are neither huge nor expensive, but rather in small packages and completely priceless. May God continue to bless your family and Ms. Miranda for years and years to come.
    ~ Kim

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