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My Sweet Girl

Me:  Miranda, come here and cuddle with me.

Miranda:  Okay, that’s enough.  Let me go.

Me:  One day, when you’re an old lady, you are going to wish you could have this time back for cuddling.

Miranda:  I can still cuddle with you when I’m a grown up.

Me:  But one day I’ll be gone and you won’t be able to.

Miranda:  Well, then I will just cuddle your soul.


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Trick or Treat!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays; I really enjoy the spooky atmosphere.  I think I may have passed that down to Miranda.  🙂   She took charge of her own costume this time and did a great job.  She found a black cat mask and tail at the store for only $5 (Yeah!).  Black pants, shoes, and “Scaredy Cat” shirt finished out the costume.  Normally, we drive into town and trick-or-treat alone, but this year, Miranda was able to go with one of her favorite friends.  They had so much fun and chatted the entire time.  We actually had to remind them to trick-or-treat!  My only regret…not getting any good pictures.  Everyone had a super fun time, and that’s all that matters anyway, right?!


Oh my!


Trick or Treat!!