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Birds of the Air

As the parent of a kindergartener, you expect to have the cute drawings, early writings, and creative projects.  So, in mid-September when the notice came home that Miranda was going to be a bird in the Creation Play, I knew this was just another memory I would cherish.  Now, I am not a very creative person, so I was dreading the costume aspect.  I kept asking myself, “Why a bird?  Why not another animal that would be easy to find a Halloween costume for?”  I looked for bird costumes everywhere, but couldn’t find anything for less than $20.  I am seriously frugal, so I knew I was going to have to make something.

The week before the play, I searched several Goodwills for something that I could use.  I found a set of bee wings and enlisted my mom to help turn them into bird wings.  After much prodding from John, I finally went in search of a yellow shirt and a beak the night before the play.  I am a procrastinator and usually do my best work under a time crunch!  🙂  The yellow shirt was easy, it was the beak that gave me the most trouble.  I finally decided I would have to somehow construct it.  Using scrapbooking paper, a black marker, and elastic, I fashioned a pretty good-looking beak.  Miranda was all set!

Since the school typically has elementary performances during the school day (BOO!!)  John was able to take off from work to record it.  All the children did a wonderful job, but of course, Miranda was the cutest!  Don’t believe me?  Check it out for yourself!  🙂

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