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The Red Part

Last Sunday I listened to a powerful sermon that helped me to adjust my priorities.  Associate Pastor, Lance Hardin, began with a video from Francis Chan.   Francis Chan is an excellent speaker and is able to explain biblical ideas in an intense, yet simple way.

Basically, our lives here on Earth are so short in comparison to all of eternity.  We have two choices:  we can spend eternity with or without God.   As Christians, our purpose is to glorify God by the way we live our lives.  Therefore, the manner in which we spend the precious moments given to us, will determine where we spend eternity.  The simple acts of attending church once a week, reading the Bible daily, or just being a “good person” is not a guarantee of going to Heaven. The only guarantee we have is building a relationship with Jesus once we have accepted Him into our lives. I do believe that many people who call themselves Christians will not be going to Heaven.  The Bible is full of stories of “religious” people who are completely misguided.  I have seen Christians do terrible things to each other and to those who are not believers.  The fact is, Christians represent God to all people, and it scares me that I may not have shown Him in the best light. 

Listening to Lance speak, I realized that I have also been caught up in living for the “red part”.  The worries and pressure of daily living have distracted me from the real reason I am here.  I know that I have been saved, but I am not as confident in the depth of my relationship with Him.  I do not want to spend my life claiming to be a Christian, only to be dismissed by God on Judgement Day, saying “I never knew you”.  I need to let go of so many petty issues of this world, get uncomfortable, and focus on the finish line.  Putting God first in everything will eliminate many of the stressors.  It will also give me the confidence to show those around me the true nature of God.

It is extremely difficult to be “in” the world, but not “of” the world. But that is exactly what we have been called to do.


 The world and its desires pass away,

but whoever does the will of God lives forever.

1 John 2 : 17

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It’s Gonna Be Alright!

In times of uncertainty, I tend to excessively worry.  Four years ago, I discovered the song “Salvation is Here” by Lincoln Brewster when I was desperately searching for my first teaching job.  This song put so much into perspective for me.  I realized that whatever happens in my life, God will come out on top, somehow.  I may not understand why some times of my life are difficult or frustrating, but I can be at peace knowing that God has the best plan for me.