Blondie’s “Miracle”

When I began teaching, I thought it would be a great idea to get a class pet.  I love animals and wanted to get something unusual that wouldn’t take much care.  A tarantula was the perfect choice!  I first got Theodore, but he only lasted a half of a school year.  Boys typically live up to 5 years, whereas girls can live up to 30 years.  This is when Blondie became part of our family.


I have now had her for almost 3 years.  Blondie is not the typical cuddly pet, but she has claimed a large portion of my heart.  In my classroom, we have Tarantula Tuesdays in which I share a fact about the spider.  Since I have learned so much about her, I am truly amazed by spiders in every way.


One of the most important things to remember about tarantulas is to be very careful handling them.  The majority of a tarantula’s vital organs are located in the abdomen and a short fall would cause a great amount of trauma, and most likely, death.  So when I saw something fall from our mantle Thursday night, I was immediately terrified.  When Blondie comes home, we typically keep her on top of the fireplace in order to keep her away from Miranda and the cats.  There is a locking lid for her tank, but when I got to her, I noticed that the lid was not secure.  So, Blondie decided to take advantage of her new-found freedom and fell 5 feet, landing on a tile floor.

I rushed over and tried to pick her up, but she was limp.  That’s when the tears started flowing.  Very gently, I placed Blondie back in her tank and woke John up.  We looked at her abdomen and underneath but didn’t notice any outward evidence of trauma.  We went back to bed knowing that she would be dead by morning.  Several times that night I got up to check on her and each time a new wave of grief washed over me.  I didn’t sleep very much.  I kept hearing the sound of Blondie landing on the hard tile floor.  My stomach was in knots and my eyes were constantly moist.  I prayed all night for God to heal her, to make her whole.  I know that this seems silly for some of you to read, but I didn’t want to lose my tarantula.

At 3:30 am, John woke me up and the first thing I saw was Blondie in his hands.  I asked, “Is she dead?”  I was amazed to see her moving up his arm very much in the same way she had before.  Blondie should not have survived such a long fall, not to mention the tile floor as a landing spot.  I truly believe that this was her “miracle.”  Did God really heal my spider?  I think He did and I am grateful that God protected something that was so dear to me.  I feel blessed to know that if God will safeguard something as small as Blondie, how much more will he love and care for me?



4 thoughts on “Blondie’s “Miracle”

  1. You had me crying over a SPIDER!! I am glad she is ok. 🙂 Anything we take care of becomes part of the family 😉

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