Twix Tragedy

Apparently the candy, Twix, causes drama in my family!  Tonight Miranda had a tantrum regarding the chocolate treat that reminded me of a similar tantrum I had when I was about her age.

Miranda had eaten enough of her dinner to warrant a dessert.  She picked out a chocolate heart candy and a miniature Twix.  I was in the bedroom when Miranda came in looking for scissors to open the package.  I told her to bring it to me and I’ll open it.  Well, she threw it at me instead and it fell behind the headboard.  Immediately, Miranda erupted into a full blown tantrum.  It took quite a few minutes for her to calm down enough to eat her candy.  In the midst of her tears, I was trying my best not to laugh.

Well, when I was around 5 or 6, my mom bought me a Twix candy from the store.  When we got to my grandma’s house, I was able to open it and chow down.  I remember the moment I finished it.  I was so upset that it was all gone and that I didn’t save any, so I started crying uncontrollably.  I ran to my mom, who was on the phone, and told her what happened.   Somehow she managed to calm me down, without laughing, and was able to continue her call.

I don’t know why this memory is so strong for me, but it did have an effect.  To this day, I tend to “save” special treats for later.  I wait for the perfect time to enjoy it.  Seeing Miranda as my mom probably saw me years ago was priceless.  I wonder if she’ll remember this when she’s my age…


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