Christmas 2010


This year, Christmas had a different feel for me.  I worked very hard to make sure that Christ remained an integral part of Christmas for our family, especially for Miranda.  It is so easy to get sucked into the materialistic retail industry, for children in particular.  Daily, I engaged Miranda in conversations of the true meaning of Christmas.  Participating in two Christmas Plays – one at school and another at church – made it easy.

This was the first year that I internally debated whether or not to include “Santa” in our Christmas morning.  I decided that there was no harm, as long as Miranda understood that Christ is the reason for Christmas, not the jolly man with the reindeer.  So, Santa did visit our home and fill each of our stocking with candy treats.


So, Christmas morning began early for us, since John had to be at work at 7:00.  After opening presents, I took a nap, then prepared ham and mashed potatoes.  Miranda and I spent the morning with my mom and sisters.  We decided to scale back our gift-giving with a $10 limit, but still managed to have a bunch of stuff to open!  After lunch, we played Uno and watched one of my favorite movies, Elf.

Later in the afternoon, we headed over to my dad’s for more gift giving and dinner.  It was nice to see everyone, including my Uncle Al and Aunt Mary from West Virginia.  After dinner, Mary, Wendy, Jessie and I played two games of Pictionary (I won both games!).

The following Tuesday, we (Me, Miranda, Mom, Tedi and Lexi) drove to Brenham to meet my Aunt Nanci and Aunt Priscilla for lunch and to exchange more gifts.

It was exhausting , but I enjoyed spending time with family!


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