Birthday Party


Well…Miranda is 5 years old.  She has grown WAY too fast for me.  I’m constantly telling her to grow slower and she replies, “I can’t help it!”

We had her birthday party at the park last Saturday.  I do not like planning parties.  I am so looking forward to the parties in which Miranda doesn’t want me involved…well, except to pay for, of course.  I was worried that it would rain, that none of her friends would show, that too many of her friends would come…you name it, I worried about it.

The party actually turned out perfect.  The weather was beautiful, no clouds and roughly 70 degrees – very unusual, even for Texas.  Miranda had 8 friends come, a couple from school and church and even her cousins from Waco made the drive.  Miranda was thoroughly spoiled, and loved every moment of it!



After the party, we had dinner with Miranda’s Granny, aunts and cousins.


The ice cream treats were the best!


Miranda had a great time and I loved watching her run around and laugh.  I hope that moment is etched in my memories so I can cling to it when she’s a self-absorbed teenager, a bride walking down the aisle, or a brand new mother.


One thought on “Birthday Party

  1. Dear Miranda,

    Five years old. Wow. One day you’ll read this and maybe not even know who I am, but I’ve known of you since you were born. You have grown from this tiny bright eyed chubby cheeked precious baby girl into a beautiful smart tall five year old still with the bright eyes. Don’t you know you are the light of your mom and dad’s world? Because through your mom, I know just how much you mean to her. I’ve honestly thought that it was because of you that she discovered her love for teaching.

    You are smarter than your age yet sweeter than any princes cake can dish out. At the same time you are sassy and precious. I hope your dreams are as big as the ocean and your love of growing, learning, and faith are deeper than the oceans.

    I pray God guides you as you journey though the years and may you find his ever open invitation to grace and peace.

    Happy Birthday!


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