Race for the Cure

Early Sunday morning, and I mean EARLY, I was wide awake and following my stepmom, Wendy, into town.  We were part of the team Hope Blossoms for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

I have not had any close family or friends that were victims of breast cancer, but I do know the sting of death from cancer.  Cancer run deep in my genetic history and is a scary thought kept in the back of my mind.

Wendy, Beth (a soccer friend), and I ran the race together.  Well, for the most part anyway.  They are faster than I am, but they never got too far ahead for me to catch up.  Thank you, ladies!

As we ran, we passed energetic cheerleaders.  No really, cheerleaders from local high schools!  Even some school mascots showed up for support.

During the race, I watched survivors run past me.  I saw countless runners wearing pink cards with names of family or friends that had passed away from breast cancer.  Including a little girl with her mom’s name and an elderly lady with her daughter’s name.

It was amazing to see thousands of people gathered for one awesome cause.  I am blessed and humbled to have been a small part of it.


4 thoughts on “Race for the Cure

  1. You ladies are lookin’ good! You look like you are slimin’ down too! That’s awesome that you all did that. How did it come about that you all were going to run? God bless those that have been hit by cancer.

    • Thank you, ladies! Kim, one of the ladies on my soccer team does the race every year. She got the word out and encouraged a bunch of people to participate.

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