Once Upon a Time…

Every evening, parents and children sludge through countless rituals to get ready for bed:  bath time, clean up, brush teeth, etc.  The one ritual in our family that doesn’t feel like a chore is Story Time.  We have been reading a bed time story to Miranda almost since the day she was born.  Books are so plentiful in our house, that we are now on our third bookshelf…they keep getting bigger and bigger!

After Story Time, Miranda will often request a stack of books and “read” to her Lamb Chop for a good 20 or 30 minutes before falling asleep.  I love that Miranda is such an avid “reader” that is on the brink of learning to read by herself.   She’s constantly asking what this word says or how to spell that word.

In the past couple of months, another member of our family has been participating in Story Time…Bubbles!  Sometime between brushing teeth and picking out the books to read, Bubbles has climbed into Miranda’s bed and is waiting patiently for us to get situated.  During the stories, she is attentive and purring and often stays with Miranda afterwards.

These are the memories that our family will cherish in the years to come!


2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time…

  1. I loved reading this. My son was the same way. He loved reading. And, I enjoyed reading to him. Great comments on Bubbles too.

  2. Love this post…and seeing all the books Miranda has.

    We read a lot of books with Henry, however, we read more library books than what he owns. Our trips to the library, I think, has left a positive impression and he always looks forward to going. I love the excitement when he recognized the building and exclaims “Look Mommy, it’s the Library!” It’s not only a source that provides much entertainment but also a place where he knows he can learn about many other things.

    I love the fact that even Bubbles enjoys hearing Miranda read to him and I’m sure it encourages her to keep trying. Now what you need to do is video tape it so you can watch her as she transitions into the wonderful world reading opens up to her.

    Way to go Miranda!

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