Silly Bandz

Miranda is usually a pretty good kid.  We’ve never had any behavior problems, until this year.  Within the first month of Pre Kindergarten she had hit, pinched, and bit other kids.  .Not the same child, but different ones.  And her reason why…they made her mad!  Really??

Miranda spent 2 years at her previous school and was usually the victim in these types of crimes.   After the biting incident, she was sent to the principal’s office and received a Discipline Referral.  My child should NOT be getting referrals!  It was time to take drastic action…bribery.

We told Miranda that if she had 5 “green” days in a row, we would get her a special surprise.  The first week was unsuccessful due to an unfortunate bathroom incident, which I will not go into.  The second week was unsuccessful because she was not obeying the teacher’s directions. 

This week, Miranda was finally able to get all 5 “green” days!!  Yahoo!! 

Miranda’s chose Silly Bandz as her prize.  Really, Silly Bandz??  How did she even know about these?  Oh well, I guess at some point Miranda was bound to succumb to silly fads, why not at age 4?


4 thoughts on “Silly Bandz

  1. Gotta love those behavior management attempts! Wish more parents had tried those attempts and didn’t wait so long to try and change things. Love the silly bands! Way to go Miranda!

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