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The Berenstain Bears

Some of my best memories from childhood are when I used to read The Berestain Bears books.  I absolutely loved them!  So naturally, when Miranda came along, I made sure to have a couple of those on hand to read to her.

Last night, we were reading The Berenstain Bears’ New Pup, which we have already read dozens of times.  When we got to the page where the little puppies are laying with the mommy dog, Miranda exploded with “awww…they’re so cute!”  Of course I agreed, that’s what we say when we see cute little animals! 

Then she said, “The mommy doggie has lots of babies; but you only have one.  Don’t worry, Mommy, you will have another baby in a couple of seconds.”  I smiled and started to read the next page, and…wait…what?????

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Hook ’em Horns!

I am not a football fan; I never was.  My parents  didn’t watch any sports.  My first taste of football was when I was on my high school marching band.  We had to go to the games so we could practice our routine at half time.  My band director didn’t make us stay for the second half, so I always left.  My husband doesn’t care about sports either.

So, yesterday I was sitting at McDonald’s grading papers.  I know that’s not the ideal place, but Miranda was participating in a Cheer Camp at her school and since we live in the sticks, it didn’t make sense to drive home then have to drive back to pick her up.  I start to notice how many people are wearing their burnt orange gear and realize it must be game day for the University of Texas.

I’m sitting there, chuckling to myself at how serious some people take their football teams.  I just don’t get it…it’s only a game!  I can even feel the excitement in the air as football fans acknowledge complete strangers in burnt orange solidarity. 

Rolling my eyes at the silliness, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  Oh no!  I’m one of them!  I accidently wore my Longhorns shirt that I usually only wear on College T-Shirt Tuesdays at school. 

Smiling, I think to myself, “Hook ’em Horns!” and get back to my grading.