RIP Little Crabby

Last July, Miranda and I went to South Padre Island with Wendy, Billy, and Jessie for the weekend.  We went to the beach and the pool and had a great time.  On the way home, we stopped to do a little souviener shopping.  I was happily looking around the store, when Miranda came running to me with a huge smile on her face and carrying a little pink (of course) box.

“Look, Mommy!  Nana is getting me a crab!”  She was so happy and I was throughly grossed out.  I did not want this nasty little crab in our house, but how can you say no when everything is already picked out?   Wendy, being the sweet Nana she is, just smiled and walked away.

Jessie could see that I was not happy with this gift and tried to make me feel better, “Don’t worry, they only live a couple of months before they die.”  Hmmm…so I only have to live with this icky crab until September or October…I guess I can stick it out.

On the long drive home, Miranda insisted on holding her crab’s pink box in her lap.  After dropping it a couple of times, I felt pretty sure the crab’s life span was dwindling. 

So, how long did this crab live??  One whole YEAR!!!  Not a couple of months, but a year!  

Last week, I decided to teach Miranda a lesson on death.  We picked a spot in the back yard and Miranda started digging.  We talked about how the little Crabby was not here anymore, but in Heaven with Jesus.  (Do crabs go to Heaven?  I don’t know, but it sounded good.)  Miranda asked a couple of questions after we buried the crab, then ran off to play.


One thought on “RIP Little Crabby

  1. Too funny… you have a spider for a pet and that’s totally cool but you are grossed out about a crab… you are strange but that’s why we get along so well! I love the pictures, especially of the one with Miranda digging his grave. By the way, hooray for Nana’s!

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