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RIP Little Crabby

Last July, Miranda and I went to South Padre Island with Wendy, Billy, and Jessie for the weekend.  We went to the beach and the pool and had a great time.  On the way home, we stopped to do a little souviener shopping.  I was happily looking around the store, when Miranda came running to me with a huge smile on her face and carrying a little pink (of course) box.

“Look, Mommy!  Nana is getting me a crab!”  She was so happy and I was throughly grossed out.  I did not want this nasty little crab in our house, but how can you say no when everything is already picked out?   Wendy, being the sweet Nana she is, just smiled and walked away.

Jessie could see that I was not happy with this gift and tried to make me feel better, “Don’t worry, they only live a couple of months before they die.”  Hmmm…so I only have to live with this icky crab until September or October…I guess I can stick it out.

On the long drive home, Miranda insisted on holding her crab’s pink box in her lap.  After dropping it a couple of times, I felt pretty sure the crab’s life span was dwindling. 

So, how long did this crab live??  One whole YEAR!!!  Not a couple of months, but a year!  

Last week, I decided to teach Miranda a lesson on death.  We picked a spot in the back yard and Miranda started digging.  We talked about how the little Crabby was not here anymore, but in Heaven with Jesus.  (Do crabs go to Heaven?  I don’t know, but it sounded good.)  Miranda asked a couple of questions after we buried the crab, then ran off to play.

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To Share or Not to Share…That is the Question!

This weekend was a big one for Miranda…she hosted her first slumber party with a friend from church.  I was a little cautious since Miranda was only 4 (and a half) and  her friend was 7, but they play great together, so I figured it would be fun.

The afternoon started off great, but then about an hour into the slumber party, I experienced one of the biggest drawbacks to having an only child…they don’t always like to share.  Miranda had several temper tantrums that landed her in time out, right in front of her friend.  I could see that she was terribly embarrassed, but I knew it had to be done.

I took Miranda into her room and asked, “Which toys can she play with?”

In between sobs, Miranda responded, “My books.”

“Just your books, nothing else?”  Seriously?!?

“But they’re mine!!”  Miranda eyes erupted in more tears.

Then I had the opportunity to teach my daughter a lesson on selfishness.  “Miranda, you have a choice to make here.  You can share your toys and have a friend with you to play with, or you can keep all your toys to yourself and lose your friend.”

She thought about that for a few moments, then, “OK, I’ll share.”

And that was the end of it.  They played so well for the rest of the evening.  There were a few minor incidents (Miranda can be a little bossy) but they worked it out by themselves.  I was proud to see Miranda turn her attitude around so quickly.

This is just the beginning of our Slumber Party Adventures.  I hope they all turn out as fun as this one did…well, once Miranda learned how to share!

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Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

People that know me, know that I love cats!  I have three of my own: Bubbles, Callie, and Whitefoot. 


I also have five shelves dedicated to all my all my kitty figurines.  I LOVE kitties!  My daughter, Miranda, has the same affection for cats.  She wants to hug them, squeeze them, love them…whether or not they want it! 

Callie and Whitefoot absolutely hate her!  They will run out of the room when she comes in.  Why is that, you ask??  Well,  Whitefoot is extremely skittish and terrified of every little sound.  She will let us pet her, but not much else.  Sometimes she’ll cuddle with me at night, but only if Callie isn’t already on the bed.  (Whitefoot and Callie have a sibling rivalry going on and Whitefoot always loses.)  Callie doesn’t like much affection either.  She spends most of her time roaming the neighborhood and comes in at night to eat and nap.  So, when Miranda comes in contact with either of them, she will ROAR at them and laugh as they run away. 

Bubbles is a different story.  She is very sweet and will cuddle with you, invite you to pet her, and take every abuse that Miranda heaps on her. 

I see a lot of myself in Miranda.  When I was younger, my dad had three cats and I loved to torture them!  Cleo was a lot like Whitefoot and Callie.  I couldn’t get too close without risking a scratch or two.  Fuzzbutt (I know, I know, my dad named her) was pretty mellow, but she wasn’t as fun to play with.  Lanky was my cat of choice.  I would chase her, roll her up in a blanket as my baby, and try to kiss her sweet little nose.  I just wanted a kitty that would follow me around, sit on my lap, and absolutely adore me!  Was that too much to ask?  I wanted her to love me as much as I loved her and I didn’t understand that my over-affection was driving her to hate me! 

So, now as I watch my own daughter with our cats, all of those old feelings come back.  I completely understand Miranda’s pain when Bubbles won’t come out from under the bed to play.  I know that I should be more protective of Bubbles when Miranda is carrying her around the house, but it’s really hard to discipline with a smile on my face.

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