We’ll See…

Growing up, I remember instances when I would ask my mom for something…a toy, clothes, a sleepover.  My mom NEVER said “No”.  There was the expected “Yes” and the dreaded “We’ll see.”  I knew that if she said, “We’ll see”, that meant, “No way, no how!” 

Now that I’m a mother, I can understand why she didn’t say “No”; why it was always, “We’ll see.”  First, she was hoping I would forget that I had even asked, which happened more that I care to admit.  Second, she wanted to leave her options open in case she changed her mind.  Lastly, she didn’t want to be mean by saying “No”. 

So…yesterday, Miranda and I are in the car on our way home.  She asked if she could have a sleepover with one of her school friends.  The first thought through my mind was, “Are you crazy?  You’re only 4 years old!!!”  Immediately following that thought was, “If I say ‘No’ right away, I’m going to have to listen to her cry and it’s Friday at 5:00 and there’s a ton of traffic on the highway and I’m grouchy.”

So, I took the path of least resistance:  “We’ll see, honey.”  That put a smile on her face and we could continue home in peace.  Thanks, Mom!


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