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I Just Tricked You!!

So, people that know me, know that I like to trick people and make sarcastic jokes.  April Fools Day has been a source of fun for many years, right Christy and Lana??   Anyway, yesterday I decided to pull a mini-trick on John.   I told him that I was stuck in traffic and was not going to be able to pick Miranda up from daycare on time…which would cost us $1 per minute.  So, he sighed and said he would call the daycare and let them know.  Then I laugh and tell him just kidding, Haha!!  And John’s response:  “whatever”. 

He’s pretty gullible and will believe almost whatever I tell him, if I can keep a straight face.  So, then I gave the phone to Miranda so she could tell him how cotton becomes a dress (they just learned this in school recently).  So Miranda explains…then she whispers to me (and on the phone), “I’m going to trick Daddy!”

“Daddy, I got a Red Face today in school. He He He!”

“I didn’t listen to Ms. Karla. He He He!”

“I had to go to time out.  He He He!”

“Just kidding, I tricked you! He He He!”

That’s my girl!  I think we’re going to have to work on her delivery of the joke, but she is improving nicely!!