When I got pregnant, I really wanted a boy.  I just didn’t want to have to deal with the teenage girl drama queen insanity.  Then we found out that we were having a girl.  So, I decided to make everything as neutral as possible.  We had the room painted pale green and her nursery decked out with Jungle Animals.  I DID NOT want to have a girly-girl!  I was not one myself and I knew that I would be ill-equipped to handle such a child.

Of course when everyone finds out that you’re having a girl, they pile on the pink stuff.  Soon, there are no other options but cute, pink, frilly dresses with matching socks and headbands.  My sweet baby girl, became a girly-girl.  She LOVES pink, purple, rainbows, flowers, butterflies, baby dolls and on and on.  Now her room is fit for the Pink Princess that  she is.

My world now consists of dress up clothes and pantyhose, barrettes and braids.  My daughter even has the sassy attitude to go with it.   She will be a handful in the coming years, for sure. 

So, the other night, I found more evidence of this girly-girl:  a unicorn lying on a yellow flower pillow, covered with a beige blanket (don’t worry…it’s pink on the other side).  I couldn’t help it…my heart melted.  My princess was taking care of her unicorn the way a mother would.  Yes, there will be drama, but for now, I am going to enjoy the sweet innocence of my girly-girl. 


3 thoughts on “Girly-Girl

  1. It’s amazing what God plans for us as it ends up being much better than what we can plan for ourselves. I felt the same way, just the opposite happened for me. I wanted a girl, and now I have a little boy. Knowing you, your love for Miranda, and in my own circumstance I know that our lives are blessed beyond our imagination with our children. Not one moment regardless if they are acting up, throwing up, throwing things around, as long as they are around us, we are filled with love. Only through this love can we have just a hint of our own father’s love for us. No matter how girly-girl she is, no matter how non stop action packed my little boy is, we are truely blessed. God probably knew that you needed a girly-girl in your life to spice it up! Miranda is a hoot and I can’t wait to see her this summer!

  2. Princess Miranda! LOVE IT!

    I was in the same boat as you (though mine is a Drama Queen Princess with an evil streak) and like you wouldn’t give up a second of my time with her…no matter how difficult the day is caring for them in their kingdom.

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