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Long Live the Queens!!!

For the past 2 years during Spring Break, my Step Mom, Wendy, and I have travelled to Maryland for Queens Weekend.  My aunt, Mary, and her friends started it years ago and it has now blossomed to roughly 30 women.  The first time we went (Spring 2009), I had no clue what to expect.  When we arrived at the “Big Ass House”, we were greeted with hugs and kisses from women wearing tiaras and boas and huge smiles.  Now, I’m an introvert, so it was a little weird for me.  The strangest thing was how they accepted me, without question.  I knew that they would have to be nice to me, since I was Mary’s niece, but they were completely genuine.  The first day, I felt like an outsider listening to the stories and inside jokes, and not understanding the importance.  But the 0ther Queens always included me and I had a great time.

This year, I was soooo excited to go.  Many thanks to Wendy for getting me there!!!  Anyway, this year was even better than last.  I got all the inside jokes and was not self-conscious at all.  I actually went downstairs and ate “breakfast” before taking a shower!!  I know, amazing! 

The big event was the Cardboard Box Derby in which we had entered our Scream Cheese Sled.  Mary Ellen, Linda, Mary and a few others, all worked to create this beautiful contraption.  The ladies that rode were awesome and we actually won 3rd Place for Speed and 1st Place for Judge’s choice.  I won’t mention how we bribed the judges with samples of our cream cheese recipies…  Anyway, imagine 28 women marching around in the snow with tiaras and boas and having a blast.  (The majority of the Queens are NOT introverted like I am, so you can only imagine the show we put on!)  I’ll never forget the pride we had later that evening when we sang, “We Are the Champions” as a group.   

Then there were the stories!  I never knew hot sauce and peppercorns could be so painful!!  We played games: Volleyball and Bocce Ball in the snow (not a good idea, by the way), Pictionary, and I even learned how to play Euchre.  (I’ll try to remember all the rules, Cindy and Linda!)  Then we got to wake those who fell asleep with the song, “Sleeping Queens, it’s your YagerMeister Dream”, followed by a shot of Yager.  (Also, not a good idea, when you’re waking queens in multiple rooms!)

The yummiest part of the whole weekend, was “The Trough”!

The kitchen island was always covered with food…there are no meals during Queens Weekend…just food, all the time.  The recipes were absolutely fantastical and most contained cream cheese, of course!

The best part of Queens Weekend, for me, was the camaraderie I felt with women I had only known for a weekend or two.  There are no expectations and drama was kept to a minimum.  We just had a great time.  It is very difficult for me to relax around people.  But, I don’t have that problem with the Queens.  I feel like I can be myself and not be judged.  That’s huge for someone like me. 

I am already looking forward to next years Queens Weekend!  I know that it will be even more fantastical than this year.  I can’t wait for the new stories, new laughter, and a new poem.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to celebrate being a woman with all of these awesome queens. 

“There are a few rules to being a Queen,

It’s really quite easy to be

You must have a big heart

And love to laugh

And it helps if you like cream cheese!”

Thank you, Queens for the laughter!  I’ll see you next year…Assastanka, out!!


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When I got pregnant, I really wanted a boy.  I just didn’t want to have to deal with the teenage girl drama queen insanity.  Then we found out that we were having a girl.  So, I decided to make everything as neutral as possible.  We had the room painted pale green and her nursery decked out with Jungle Animals.  I DID NOT want to have a girly-girl!  I was not one myself and I knew that I would be ill-equipped to handle such a child.

Of course when everyone finds out that you’re having a girl, they pile on the pink stuff.  Soon, there are no other options but cute, pink, frilly dresses with matching socks and headbands.  My sweet baby girl, became a girly-girl.  She LOVES pink, purple, rainbows, flowers, butterflies, baby dolls and on and on.  Now her room is fit for the Pink Princess that  she is.

My world now consists of dress up clothes and pantyhose, barrettes and braids.  My daughter even has the sassy attitude to go with it.   She will be a handful in the coming years, for sure. 

So, the other night, I found more evidence of this girly-girl:  a unicorn lying on a yellow flower pillow, covered with a beige blanket (don’t worry…it’s pink on the other side).  I couldn’t help it…my heart melted.  My princess was taking care of her unicorn the way a mother would.  Yes, there will be drama, but for now, I am going to enjoy the sweet innocence of my girly-girl.